Mariana Ava Perez Zuclich was born in Sao Paulo and raised in Goiania, Brazil. At an early age, she began singing at her local church, and started writing her own lyrics and melodies. Her parents, both pastors of a Brazilian Christian church, were assigned to relocate to Florida for missionary purposes in 1997. While living in the US over the next 4 years, Ava was able to appreciate and develop a stronger passion for American music. The Brazilian and American influences can be heard in her music today. By the age of thirteen her parents were relocated back to Brazil where she began recording her first album with the help of her father. Her first album titled “Mundo Azul” was released in 2001 and became very popular. Her unique voice, charisma, and talent landed her a record deal with an independent Christian Label. The release of her second album titled “Atitude de Cristao” was a regional success. Her music video “Deus Da Minha Vida” was a top 10 hit on a music television station. The single also reached #1 on the local Christian radio station. Her 2nd hit “Vou Voar” received similar fan fare and quickly rose to #1 as well. Ava toured and performed along side worldwide known Christian singers. Performing with them in many different cities in front of sold out stadium crowds of up to 80,000 people. Ava’s devotion to God, faith and friendliness made her easy to be loved by people of all ages, especially young kids. Her connection with the youth of Brazil landed her on a children’s TV show called “Future Generations”. She hosted the daily show on National T.V for 1 hour each day. Although Ava had a blossoming career in Brazil, she always dreamed of returning to the United States. In 2005, she made the decision to dedicate the profits of her music to support her church and charities. For the next two years she engaged herself in church activities becoming part of the worship team of Fountain of Life Church in Brazil, which currently has over 600 churches throughout the world. Later on, Ava was offered an opportunity to study music in New York, which she could not turn down. She moved back to the US and began taking voice and acting lessons, and was offered a partial scholarship to the New York Film Academy. In 2012, Ava decided to follow her passion and start up her music career again. She has recently released a 10 song album titled MARIANA AVA. This album is available for download on iTunes and other media outlets. She is now touring the US and Brazil, ministering and performing at churches, concerts and events. She currently resides in NY. MUNDO AZUL – 2001 ATITUDE DE CRISTÃO – 2004 MARIANA AVA – 2012 Twitter: @MarianaAva Facebook: MarianaAvaMusic Youtube: MarianaAva Site:


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  • Fly

  • Island

  • Não vou te deixar

  • Queen of the world

  • Sonhar

  • Te contemplar

  • Vinho Novo

  • Voar

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  • Playback - Vinho Novo

  • Broken Wings


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